Board of Directors
Mr. Emmanuel Katongole
Executive Chairman
A founding Chief Executive Officer Cipla Quality Chemical Industries Limited, Mr. Emmanuel Katongole was elevated ...Read More
Mr. Nevin Bradford
Executive Director/ Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Nevin Bradford was appointed Chief Executive Officer, Cipla Quality Chemical Industries Limited, on 26th November 2013 ...Read More
Mr. George W. Baguma
Executive Director
A founding Director and Chief Commercial Officer at CiplaQCIL, Mr. George Baguma was also the founding ...Read More
Mr. Frederick Mutebi Kitaka
Executive Director
A founding Director and Chief Finance Officer, Mr. Fredrick Mutebi was the Finance Director at Cipla Quality Chemicals ...Read More
Ms. Beth Mandel
Beth is a co-founder and partner at Capitalworks Investment Management. Beth manages a fund that is a shareholder in CiplaQCIL ...Read More
Mr. Zain Latif
Mr. Zain Latif is the Founder and Principal of TLG Capital, a private equity firm that provides growth capital to businesses ...Read More
Mr. Chandru Chawla
Chandru has nearly 25 years of experience in leading and managing bio pharmaceutical businesses across diverse geographies ...Read More
Mr. Paul Miller
Paul Miller was appointed CEO Cipla, South Africa in October 2013. Before that he worked for Mylan as Vice President & Managing ...Read More
Mr. Nishant Saxena
Nishant Saxena recently joined Cipla, one of the largest Pharma companies in India (US$1.5bn revenues) first as CFO-India ...Read More
Dr. Ranjana Pathak
Ranjana leads Cipla’s Worldwide Quality enterprise throughout the product’s lifecycle from development to commercialization ...Read More
Mr. Samuel Acuti Opio
Mr. Opio has been the Supervising Pharmacist at CiplaQCIL since 2009, having joined ...Read More
Dr. Abofele Bogisi Khoele
Dr. Abofele Bogisi Khoele was appointed a Director in July 2016 ...Read More