Cipla was founded in 1935. It is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in the World. In fact, a majority of patients on ARVs in Uganda are on Cipla products. Cipla is an acknowledged leader in multistage synthesis of complex molecules. Cipla has got over 40 state of the art manufacturing plants and they are all approved by the most discerning regulatory authorities i.e. WHO, USFDA, MCA, PIC, MCC and NDA.

Vist National Medical Stores

National Medical Stores (NMS) was established in 1993 as an act of Parliament to procure, store and distribute essential medicines and health supplies, primarily to Government health facilities in Uganda.

Vist Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health Uganda, is a government body set up with theĀ  mandate of policy formulation and policy dialogue with Health Development Partners, resource mobilization and budgeting, strategic planning, regulation, advising other ministries on health matters, setting standards and quality assurance, capacity development and technical support, provision of nationally coordinated services such as epidemic control, coordination of health research and monitoring and evaluation of the overall sector performance.

Vist Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda

The Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda (PSU) is the national professional organisation and governing body for pharmacy in Uganda The society was founded in 1960 and is currently governed by The Uganda Pharmacy and Drugs Act of 1970. This law was enacted by the Uganda parliament on November 23 1970, and it relates to the control of the profession and practice of pharmacy in Uganda

Vist National Drug Authority

To ensure access to quality, safe and efficacious human and veterinary medicines and other healthcare products through the regulation and control of their production, importation, distribution and use.

Vist Federation of East Africa Pharmaceutical manufacturer (FEAPO)

The Federation of East African Pharmaceutical Manufacturers is a platform formed to address the common challenges and exploit emerging opportunities for East African pharmaceutical manufacturers.